Discovering who manufactured what, where and when is a never ending task. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to reconcile the manufacturing companies with brand names, and it certainly is frustrating to find that the same brand names have been used by different manufacturers. Given that company names change from time to time, and that firms are taken over by competitors but may retain some facets of the manufacturing process while others are shifted elsewhere, this is quite a complicated process. Other complications arise from products being rebadged (either officially or fraudulently), designs being copied, patents expiring, language difficulties, import, export, wars, military specifications, prototypes and inaccurate advertising. Given also that in more recent times the same product might be made by a dozen different companies in countries such as China and India such that identical products carry different brand names, while the same brand and model might apply to different products. The history of the older manufacturers is often tricky to unravel and is sometimes apparently undocumented, so there is no guarantee that the lists given here are correct, but is is true to say that everything in the listings has been observed either on products themselves, on packaging, in advertising, or online around the forums.

Some rules to remember when researching:

1) Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence. Just because you can't find it doesn't mean it's not there.

2) Identical looking lamps are not necessarily made by the same manufacturer.

3) Lamps that look different are not necessarily made by different manufacturers.

4) A badge or logo does not necessarily identify a manufacturer.

5) Almost everybody copied the Petromax idea.


OK, now we've cleared the air with that, I stand to be corrected in many matters. If you would like to add constructively to these records I'll be pleased to hear from you.