What's been going on?

This site has been undergoing some very slow redevelopment over the last few years. When it first appeared in 1996 it was the first ever website dedicated to pressure lamps and lanterns and there was just one page, a simple list of around half a dozen or so manufacturers. With the help of contributors all around the world the site has grown to the point where it is difficult to maintain and when the number of inquiries reached unmanageable proportions (up to a hundred a week!) we just went into meltdown and everything ground to a stop.

The purpose of the site remains the same now as it was in the early days, just to make available the kind of information a collector of lanterns might be looking for. There are many websites today that carry similar information, and there are lots of collectors in countries all around the world. Those websites might be more comprehensive than this one, and their authors much more knowledgeable than I am, and I encourage you to explore the web to see what else is around. This site contains a list of other lantern related websites, with links to areas that might be of interest. However, the same principles apply, stay safe and enjoy your hobby, and be ready to share.

Why are we moving?

Thanks to the rather odd policies of Virgin Media we are no longer able to host the site in its original location on the web, and the original material has been archived. Other commitments make it difficult for me to develop this version, but I hope to get everything transferred in due course. The migration process is slow, but it is happening! The current version of this site is actually taken from a very early draft version, so there are typos and other mistakes in plenty that are slowly being weeded out. Thank you for being patient.