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The 1920s were years when there were prolific numbers of lamp makers in England, Germany and North America. There were constant improvements being made to lamp mechanisms, improvements which were due to the difficulty in vapourising hydrocarbon fuel without leaving a carbon residue which would block the generator or its tip. John McKinley Hunter, subject of the King of Great Britain, of 36 Bloomgate, Lanark, in the County of Lanark, Scotland, was granted a Patent (203831) in September 1923, following his application in July 1922.

The patent relates to lamps of the kind where the fuel tube passes freely or slidably into the mixing chamber, and provides for an improved means of gaining access to the end of the tube and the jet for cleaning purposes.

From the patent drawings, it is not clear whether Hunter produced complete lamps, or conversion kits to fit to existing lamps. I have evidence of a table lamp exactly like the patent drawing, with the name J.M. & B. Hunter, Birmingham, embossed into the burner, but there are no other marks to confirm that the fount and remaining parts of the lamp were also by Hunter. On the other hand, there is nothing to suggest that it is not by Hunter, so we await further evidence.




These two images are from Hunter's 1923 patent


Thanks to Anton Kaim of Rotterdam, Mick Emm of Lockerbie, and Nick Juett of Walkerburn for this information.



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